Essential Features for a Flourishing Grocery Delivery App
Posted On: Oct 9, 2023

7 Key Features of a Successful Grocery Delivery App

If a few years back you had said to develop a grocery delivery app people might have mocked on your idea. But recently grocery mobile apps have become the attention seeker. More and more people began to order groceries from home all thanks to on-demand delivery app development.

As per the market survey, grocery delivery app development would rise with an annual growth rate of 9.6%. The projected revenue would be 447,496 million USD by 2025 of grocery apps.

If these statistics caught your attention and you are pondering to creating your own grocery delivery app, then you’re in luck.

So, without further delay let’s know 7 key features that should be included in grocery delivery app development:

Stress-free onboarding

A good grocery delivery app should be able to provide easy registration and login facilities for customers, admins, and delivery agents.

The process has to be quick, easy, and user-friendly. Apart from registration through a phone number or email id, login through social media is quite popular these days.

Order management

The most basic feature of every grocery mobile app is the proper management of orders. A user should be able to access their previous and current orders, ensuring the order is placed correctly or not.

GPS & live navigation

One of the most tech-friendly features that allows users to track their order’s live location. This will make sure the order is delivered on time and at the right delivery location.

Through this feature, users can check the progress of their order from dispatch to delivery of their groceries at their doorsteps.

Search and sorting

The search feature enables the user to search for the groceries they want to purchase. Users can find and select the desired items from their preferred stores without going there.

This advanced feature generates a sorted list of items, making it easier for grocery vendors and customers to access the list.

Track history

With a feature built to track previous orders’ history, helps to go through their past orders. In case the users want to reorder the same items, they can easily find the same item in past orders.

Offers and notification

Regular offers work as the best tool to keep the users engaged and encourage them to order again. Great deals and offers often attract users to stay loyal and committed to keep ordering from your apps.

Digital wallet/payment modes

Allowing grocery purchasers to pay via the choice of their preferred payment mode increases engagement. Users can pay through credit cards, debit cards, UPI, QR codes, digital wallets, and even digital apps like Google Pay to smoothen the payment process.

Make sure to keep the payment modes secure and encrypted. This will enhance the trust and loyalty among customers.

To achieve success in grocery delivery app development, the aforementioned features are a must. Additionally, these features enhance customer experience and contribute to the success and growth of the grocery apps business.

If you’re looking for a grocery delivery app development, choose a proven market-ready grocery app solution or select a reliable technology partner who can deliver a robust, user-centric, and high-quality grocery mobile app in a matter of months.

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